Friday, 8 November 2013

Flood Watch surgery in Darwen

The borough’s Flood Watch project is holding another drop in surgery on Monday, November 11 in Darwen for residents to get information and advice on how best to prepare for possible future floods.
Running from 4 – 6pm at Reachout on Ash Grove, it is the latest community event in the flood awareness project which has been speaking to residents living in flood risk areas of Darwen since the beginning of October.
The surgery will offer residents access to information about flood risks in their area, help in developing a personal flood plan and the chance to join a community flood action group.
Flood Watch aims to prepare residents and businesses for possible future floods to help them mitigate against any potential damage to their properties.
The personal flood plan can help them minimise damage and make sure they know what to do and who to contact in the event of an emergency. It looks at essential issues such as vulnerable neighbours, keeping essential medicines dry in a flood and the safety of pets.
There will be other opportunities for residents to attend future drop-ins in November at Darwen Valley Community Centre and Darwen Children’s Centre. 
The borough is most at risk of flooding when there is excess rainfall causing the rivers and drainage systems to be overwhelmed. Flooding can happen at any time of year, very quickly and with little or no warning.
And climate change can increase flood risk as it makes rainfall more common, especially in the North West.
Councillor Maureen Bateson, Executive Member for Regeneration, said: “The Flood Watch team are keen to hear from residents with concerns about flooding so they can advise on steps they can take to prepare. 
“These surgeries give residents the ideal opportunity to get helpful information and advice on how best to prepare to minimise the impact that potential floods can have”.
If anyone sees a blocked drain, flooded gully or flash flooding, report it immediately by calling (01254) 585921, or for more information about Flood Watch call one of our Flood Officers on: (01254) 222128.

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