Monday, 26 August 2013

Calling all budding poets and writers!

At Darwen Days we're always keen to recognise local talent and there's many of you out there who aren't bad at all when it comes to producing some proper Darren prose!

If you'd like to submit your poetry, prose and short stories (max 1000 words, please ensure that they are Darwen themed), please email them to At the end of the year, we'll be showcasing the entries online, and as the authors, you'll be helping to illustrate Darwen to the many thousands of website visitors we get from foreign climes.

The copyright of any work will always remain your own, and we will always ask you before using anything for any purpose.


Friday, 16 August 2013

Darwen Days on Instagram

As well as our new blog, we're now on Instagram, encouraging the younger (and the technologically older!) members of Darren to pick up their posh smartphones and start snapping pictures of the town to share with the future generations of residents past and present.

Our username is DarwenDays if you'd like to follow us, and to submit your photo to the community, simply add the hashtag '#DarwenDays' for your photo to be published on this blog and on our Facebook Page too!

Click here to see our Instagram Profile.

Eh-up Cocker? Darwen Days now has a news blog!

If you just can't get enough of the Darwen Days website, this is the place where you can read about all the stuff the team has planned for the future of our beloved local history community.

As well as news of what we're getting up to, we'll be publishing some of the many poems, letters and emails that we receive not just from local people, but from all over the world- if you're written anything about the town or you know a friend or relative who has- send it in! As always, we'll publish it on the biggest local archive in town and your input will be a vital part of Darwen's history for the generations to come.

Also, the feedback we've been getting from local Darreners has been very positive and one concern was that not everybody had a Facebook account, so to provide a solution for those that don't you can add your comments on this blog with nothing more than a simple email address.

On your left, there's the option to subscribe to our email address, so whenever we post something here it goes straight to your email and you can search this blog too, like our original website.