Sunday, 11 December 2016

India Mill Chimney

Andy Price born in Liverpool now living in the United States used over 4,500 bricks to build our iconic chimney for a Lego show in the USA 2016. Without ever visiting the chimney & only using the Fred Dibnah video on you tube it took him only one month to complete.  Just Amazing…………
All images donated by Andy price

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Memories of Darwen Back on Sale

Back on Sale from Brenda’s collectables, £10 each whilst stocks last
Darwen Days' glossy new publication Memories of Darwen sold out within an hour of its launch at the library at the end of November 2015. And now another 200 have been printed. Many folk were disappointed last time don’t let it happen to you

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Mini Darwen Tower

Hi Folk’s
I am sure everybody is aware of the good things that the Darwen Rotary Club do for the people of Darwen, in the annexes on the market the group are building an amazing Jubilee tower all out of Lego by donating just £1 per brick this will help raise funds for local causes.
You can also buy a brilliant model for all the Dads out there for just £52.50 + PP
If you wish to donate or order a model mini tower please contact 01254 771367
Please help

Saturday, 4 June 2016

New book on Darwen's proud history

A great new book on a prominent Darwen family will be launched at a coffee morning at the Library on Saturday, June 18 (from 10,15am).
It's the third book produced by the Friends of Darwen Library in connection with the Centenary of the Great War. The previous two sold out. Don't miss this one!

It's about Stanley Webb Davies, born into the rich mill-owning family who owned Greenfield & Waterfield mills and who built Garden Village for their workers. He was educated at Quaker Schools and Oxford but was a conscientious objector during the Great War. Instead he worked for three years with the Quaker team doing relief work, building houses for bombed-out and destitute peasants.

He decided not to go into the family business and set up as an arts and crafts furniture maker in Windermere where he lived for over 50 years. His older brother Percy became the first Lord Darwen.

Lots of great photos and touching tales of the very interesting life of "A Proud Son of Darwen." The book: Stanley Webb Davies; Family, Friends & Furniture has been written by local journalist Harold Heys and Dr Ian Naylor, head of chemistry at Bradford University.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Battle of Jutland

Illustrated talk on the

Battle of Jutland

Everyone has heard of the Battle of Jutland, the most fearsome naval battle in history which lit up the night sky of the North Sea almost 100 years ago.

Over two days, May 31 and June 1, 1916 the British and German fleets of 250 ships slugged it out.

But who won? Both sides claimed victory. We lost more ships and more men but most of the ships we lost were battered and old and, crucially, the German High Seas Fleet never again dared to leave the safety of harbour.

It left Britain master of the seas and slowly the tightening blockade of Germany led to ultimate victory.

The story of the Battle of Jutland will be told in Darwen, at the Library, on the evening of Wednesday, June 1, the centenary of the grand finale to the battle by Steve Irwin, Education Officer at Blackburn Museum and an expert on the Great War and on Jutland in particular.

Pride of place in the Library is held by a magnificent oil painting of the battle by Charles Dixon which was given to Darwen by an anonymous benefactor in memory of the hundreds of local men lost in the war. It was taken to Blackburn Museum several years ago but the Friends of Darwen library had it returned to the town last year.

Steve's illustrated talk begins at 6pm. The Library will close at 5pm and open again at 5.30. Tea and biscuits will be available before the talk which will last about an hour.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Darwen Heritage Centre

You may have seen the “SOLD” board going up at Holker House on Railway Rd.
This wonderful building which has been meticulously renovated with substantial Heritage Grant funding has been bought by a charity, The Livesey Foundation.
Their intention is to make it available to the town for a variety of community purposes such as Charity/social meetings and events, exhibitions, venue for councillors, tourist information and much more.
But most importantly it will become home to The Darwen Heritage Centre where we will be able to display to the world the history, culture, past and present of our amazing town!
Holker House will be not-for-profit and will become a major attraction and community focal point for the town.
If you would like to contribute to this exciting project, please contact……
“Happy (Darwen) days!!”